Revolutionizing Flooring with TrueGrout® Technology

i4F introduces exclusive

True Grout® quality trademark for its licensees

i4F’s exclusive patent partnership with Quickstyle Industries gives i4F sole licensing rights for the True Grout patent portfolio in all major markets worldwide, including the US, Europe and Asia/Pacific.
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Made to Last

TrueGrout® Technology, Quickstyle Industries’ unique, patented, realistic-looking grout line system for click-profiled WPC and SPC planks and tiles. This one-of-a-kind technology focuses on SPC/rigid core tiles and planks offering unprecedented durability as well as an innovative middle grout line mimicking two tiles in one.

TrueGrout® technology enables the milling of an additional grout line in the middle of a tile or plank thus mimicking two pieces on a single panel. This greatly facilitates the creation of staggered patterns and cuts installation time in half.

The TrueGrout® “Shield” is resistant to staining and ensures grout line colour consistency.

Decorate Your Wall With Flooring

Beautiful Visual Appeal

Innovative Design

What is Grout

Grout refers to the material used on the seams between flooring tiles and planks. Traditional ceramic floor installation involves adding grout once the tiles are in place. The grout forms an impervious layer that protects your floors from spills and reinforces the installation, attaching to the tiles. Grout also adds a unique design element and can be customized to improve room aesthetics instantly.

Innovative Grout Line Technology: TrueGrout®

TrueGrout® technology ensures accurate colour coordination for your flooring surface, giving it the appearance of a traditional grout application.

Amazing Versatility

Quickstyle’s products with TrueGrout® technology is perfect for installation in humid environments or where exposure to liquid is likely, such as in locker rooms, around hot tubs or near pools.

Saves Time and Mess vs. Traditional Grout Applications

TrueGrout® takes the mess and the guesswork out of grout installation. You can get a gorgeous-looking vinyl or SPC floor without the hassle of a traditional grout application. With the easy “click” installation system, you simply need to align the flooring planks correctly before allowing them to drop into place. You will get a seamless, waterproof finish without the need to use any glue, nails, or wet grout.Installing floor tiles and then finishing off with an application of wet grout is a time-consuming chore. 

Stain Resistant

All of our floorings with TrueGrout® technology are 100% waterproof and stain resistant. This means that you can achieve a flawless and uniform look in any room, with the added benefit of a longer-lasting floor. Traditional grout can crack and allow water to seep into your flooring and can cause damage or soak in unsightly stains that are impossible to remove. With Quickstyle’s TrueGrout® system, all of our flooring products are resistant to scratches and will withstand more than their share of wear and tear.

TrueGrout® Technology Lookbook

Quickstyle is the first and only company  to develop such groundbreaking technology!

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