Since 1988

Quickstyle, a pioneer and longtime industry leader in hard-surface flooring, with over 30 years of passion and expertise, is dedicated to providing the highest levels of innovation, quality, and service. Quickstyle started in 1988 as a division of Courey International, a global hospitality-industry supplier. Due to its rapid expansion in what was then a new product called “laminate flooring”, Quickstyle became a separate entity in 1992, soon establishing itself as an industry innovator in hard-surface flooring in North America and abroad.

An Industry Leader

Initially, the Quickstyle brand associated solely with laminate flooring from Europe, quickly establishing itself in home improvement centres throughout North America. As a separate company, Quickstyle migrated to complementary hard-surface flooring such as SPC, Engineered Hardwood and Vinyl Composite, including tile and wood plank flooring.